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Sak Yant 5 Rows Diamond


Sak Yant Diamond Square Tattoo Design Traditional Thailand.
  • Artwork tattoo design.
  • Handmade with paper 300 gsm.

Available size  A4, A3:

  • Size A4 29.7 × 21 cm, format jpg , quality resolution 300 dpi.
  • Size A3 42 × 29.7 cm, format jpg , quality resolution 300 dpi.
  • Sak yant Diamond Square Tattoo design original Available online format digital & delivery fast and send to your email.

Copyright protection.
This design is for personal use only.
Example : (for your personal tattoo or print it for a decoration).
Prohibition of copying or use for commercial purposes.

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Sak yant 5 Rows Diamond Square tattoo design .

  • Meaning Sak Yant 5 Rows Diamond.
    Sak yant 5 Rows chat petch Traditional Thailand Tattoo , the five row yantra represent yant of magical spells.
    It blesses the bearers with success, charm, loving kindness, good luck and protection from evil spirits.
    It has a similar meaning to another Sak yant, Hah taew  but chat petch is more powerful by interconnecting all magical spells together.

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