Sak Yant Lion & Flag


Sak Yant Lion & Flag Tattoo Design Traditional Thailand.

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Size A4 29.7 × 21 cm, format JPG , quality resolution 300 dpi.

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Sak yant lion & flag tattoo design.

Meaning. This yant portraits the lion carrying a flag which means victory. It is believed those who wear this yant will be immortal, have great power and can defeat all enemies.
Suitable for soldiers and polices.

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Format A4 size 210 × 297 mm ,quality 300 dpi JPG.

Graphic Black Lotus only works with quality materials.
The design of the design for the tattoo art is handmade with 300 gsm high quality artistic paper.

Once the realization is finished, we use a scanner to keep the best rendering of the original drawing and send you a design which will be in excellent resolution.
This allows us to offer you a quality print design for your tattoo in 300 dpi JPG format.

Copyright protection.
This design is for personal use only.
Example : (for your personal tattoo or print it for a decoration).
Prohibition of copying or use for commercial purposes.

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