We design custom drawings with tattoo professionals, all your creations will work in an artistic spirit.


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Graphic Black Lotus Artwork Custom

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Small Tattoos Design XS

XS Tattoos Designs 2-4 Inches
Deposit + 1.500 Bath For Custom The Design Add Colors 500 Bath

Medium Tattoos Designs S/M

Medium Tattoos Designs S/M Size 4-7 Inches
Deposit + 2.500 Bath Add Colors + 1.000 bath

Large Tattoos Design XL

Large Tattoos Designs XL Size Artwork Custom Sketch Draw or Digital Process
+ Deposit 3.500 Bath Add Colors + 1.000 Bath

Extra Large Tattoos Designs Custom

Price 4.000 Bath / 8.000 Bath
Extra Large Tattoos Designs Artwork Custom
+Deposit 3.000 Bath

Custom Design Section

Graphic Black Lotus Tattoo Designs, We gives birth to your tattoo ideas by sharing its creativity, Our professionalism and long experience in the skills and art of tattooing. Our priority is to make your design creation that will be perfect and that will match your expectations.

We take the time to design, choose the body part or wish you your design. These are the most important steps for your design before you get a tattoo.

1-You can send us your request by email, with a maximum description to explain your design ideas.
Once contacted, we will start answering you with precise questions to understand your whole project with information like the size of the design and if you want to work from photos or examples of your ideas .

2-Once all the items in our possessions and after asking all related questions for the creation of your design.
We will give you your free detailed quote and it will be sent on your email with the price of your design.
And time to complete your design, some design takes a lot of time to create.

3-Once the quote accepted with the final price.
To trade your design it will be necessary to make a deposit for the artist to begin your creation.

4-During the creation of your design, we will send you the pictures of the drawing steps, if you need to make some changes and improve the rendering.

Once your custom tattoo design is complete and you like it, we’ll send you all your final creations in high definition.

Information for design changes.
You can change some of the design.
But any kind of pattern change or totally changing the design will make you lose your deposit automatically.
For each order we will send you a detailed faqs of the rules of use.

5-All payments and transaction on the site protect and secure with PayPal.
The Website protects your personal data with SSL certificate.

Store section

The designs in the Black Lotus Store Graphic are available online.

Once you have made the payments and we have checked, We proceed to send your design directly to your email, simple and fast.
Please contact us to send us your email and your design request you have selected.

All our photos will be sent to you in high resolution.
The standard size that we use is A4 300dpi Jpg.

This allows you to print it in excellent quality.
For any request for larger size A3 or A2 and any other specific sizes you want, please contact us for more information for rates and sizes and sizes you want.

All payments and transaction on the site protect and secure with PayPal.
The Website protects your personal data with SSL certificate.

We accept bank transfers, fees are at your expense.
For more information please contact us.

For all drawings requests with international mail sends with delivery and tracking of the package.
Please contact us to request a quote with the shipping costs for your country.

Our partners for tattoo designs

We are happy to present you following agreements with our partners who create the designs.

Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 Thailand
Who make the creations Blackwork – Dotwork – Black Ink – Japanese Designs.


Graphic Black Ink Studio Bangkok Tattoo Shop Thailand
Who create the traditional and Thai Sak-Yant designs.

Thank you to these creators who gives us the opportunity to offer you quality designs.

Soon we will have other partners in the tattoo industry with a vision of this art in several countries.
America / Mexico / Europe