Store Pricing Designs Catalogue

Small designs  start 3.99$ / 10 $ that are available in the store section.
You have a multitude of designs available of all types and sizes.
The more complex the designs and the more details, the prices increase according to the sizes ($ 10 of $ 100) or more expensive.

We offer you, traditional tattoos, but also a large range of designs that we will put online each week.
For our customers is the choice  the quality designs made by professional tattooist.

Custom Tattoo Design

For the unique creation of custom designs, the prices are different, compared to the complexity of the drawing, the size, the concept of realization, the work of the rendering in points, colors or gradients in black & gray.

– Small size designs prices start from 1.500 Bath
– Medium size designs prices start from 2.500 Bath
– Big size designs from 3.500 / 8.000 Bath

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